News, exact dates and hours will be posted on this page.
We’ll try 1 month in advance.
Check the Schedule for each Month below.

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Jan 1th First Video Release on Fire. Public Video
Jan 6th – 7th Multiple Videos on Fire and An intro on Knives
Jan 14th 19.00 CET Zoom Light my Fire Campfire Session. Brenda Holder, Fire keepers at FROSTBITE! Alberta and Eibergen.
Jan 16th-17th Multiple Videos on Fire
Feb 4th 20.00 CET Zoom Q & A on Fire with Raoul Kluivers and David Holder
Feb 10th 19.00 CET Live Zoom with David Holder. Counting, on Calories to Survive
Feb 19th Video Release on Mammals (North America and Europe)
Feb 25th 19.00 CET Zoom Q & A on Mammals with Raoul Kluivers.
March 3d 19.00 CET Live Zoom Presentation First Aid with Brenda Holder
March 11th 19.00 CET Live Zoom Presentation Track & Sign with Martyn LeNoble
April 3d Video Release on Knots & Lashings
April 10-12th Video Release Birdsounds (European species)
April 15th 19.00 CET Zoom Q & A on Knots and Lashings with Richard Coulson-Day
followed by a Zoom Light my Fire Campfire Session.
April 22: 20.00 CET Live Zoom Presentation. Animal Gaits and Patterns with Martyn LeNoble
May 1th: Video Release on Training and Nutrition by Connor Kluivers.
May 5th 20.30 CET : Zoom Q & A on Training & Nutrition
May 27 20.00: Live Zoom Presentation on tracking by Martyn LeNoble
June 6th: Video release on Plant Medicine by Margot Visser

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